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Know of dental benefits



Part of “know of dental benefits” demonstrwting headlines like

                                     Do you know that:  


- The most important benefit of laser in the treatment of oral diseases is diagnosis tooth cavity in first steps.

-The other way of diagnosis is………… that compare degree blood circulation in teeth and it can find out that tooth is live or not.


-Now we can use laser in all of 10 specialties of dentistry in the root canal therapy ,disinfection teeth canal, alsopediatric dentistry that we need to control.

-We can determine period of reference in the treatment of dentistry at the shorter time.

-In treatment of root canal disinfection root canal was a basic problem for professional that now we have can solve this problem with laser.

-Laser is possible in surgery for children that their tongue sticking to their oral and if continue they will have problem in jaw and speak. Also with laser do that surgary with minimum of pain and local anesthesia without general anesthesia and time less than 2 years with a simple surgary we can free their tongue.

-Low-power lasers with anti-inflammatory properties, pain decreased immunological and metabolic effects help to dentists that treatment their patients easily because laser redused complication and improves the healing process.

-Low-power lasers are effective in such pain, accelerate healing of sergical wounds from routine dental treatment and improve healing of bone defects in treatments of allograft, bone regeneration, regeneration of injured nerves and its effective in treatment of some diseases of oral cavity.