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Dental laser clinic of Dr. Ebrahim moghaddasi  opend in Ahvaz - Iran in 2012.


Dr.Ebrahim Moghaddasi  graduated from Islamic Azad University of Tehran in 2001 with a degree in dentistry. He opened his first clinic in the same year and He began his career in the field of implant in 2002 In Ten years later, while he was treating patients,in 2011 received Implant Fellowship Degree from ( AAID USA ) To improve treatment.

Dr. Ebrahim Moghaddasi won first prize in 2008 at the Entrepreneurship

He continued his academic activities and in 2012 he received  mastership laser from Germany Aachen University (RWTH)

Now he is  Professor laser Student (MSc laser)   University (RWTH), Germany

finally he opened his laser clinic in the city of Ahvaz, the first laser center in the South West of Iran.