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The following are common question about laser to increas the patient s information. However none of them wont be replace consultation with your dentist. 


What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry offers a high-tech laser to produce a concentrated beam of focused light. Beam become focused in your mouth and can clean tooth decay or gum infection areas with very high accuracy. The laser beam clean and sterile ereas of the environment so ther is less bleading, pain and infection. Using laser in dentistry is cause of increased accuracy in treatment and reduce recovery time yet today only about 5 % of dentists are using lasers.

How does laser in dentistry work?

Dental lasers emit light of their own which release palses of heat energy to the treatment site. We use lasers  with diferent wavelength and these wavelengths independ on tissue which we want to treat. Surgical lasers are more accurate than old treatment and help to dentist that keep more tissue


Can we use laser in the soft tissue and hard tissue?

Yes we have some kind of laser for working on soft gum tissue and hard gum tissue (tooth, jawbone) in children dentistry and adult.

Is laser without risk?

Yes, if laser use by traind dentist and skilled is totally safe.